Florence Restaurant

Vecchia Firenze: A restaurant located inside one of the most known historical buildings in the centre of Florence.

Visiting Florence means admiring the greatest works from the Italian Renaissance, while being aware of the environments and places where its history took place. The Vecchia Firenze Restaurant is inside one of these Florentine buildings, representing the historical heritage of the city – Palazzo Valori-Altoviti-Sangalletti, better known as Palazzo dei Visacci: on its peculiar facade, it is possible to admire the busts of some celebrated figures of the Renaissance culture, as well as the famous commemorative plaque of the Miracles of Saint Zenobius.

In the Vecchia Firenze restaurant, you will taste the most excellent dishes from the delicious Tuscan cuisine while sitting in a noble environment, which belonged to Rinaldo degli Albizi – the founder of the famous Albizi, one of the most important families in Florence, alongside the House of Medici – in the 15th century. In our restaurant, taste and history perfectly blend together, offering you the opportunity to savor some of the most ancient and traditional Tuscan dishes in a noble environment full of art and history.

About us

Our restaurant in the center of Florence offers an immersive experience of art, traditional cuisine and wine tasting.

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