Our Dining Rooms

The Vecchia Firenze restaurant features some unique spaces suitable for every need. Each room was frescoed by the contemporary painter Alfio Rapisardi. On the ceiling, you can appreciate enchanting depictions of female bodies, mythological creatures and arcane symbols that refer to some of the most representative artistic themes of the Renaissance, such as the Last Judgment, Genesis and Paradise.

Sala Genesi

A large space, suitable for large groups, where tourists, conference or reception attendees can enjoy their Tuscan dishes in a wide but welcoming environment. This area was once the private chapel of the Albizi family.

Genesi fresco by Alfio Rapisardi

Sala Paradiso

A dining room perfect for small groups or families to quietly eat in peace under a frescoed sky adorned with celestial figures.

Frescoed ceiling in the Sala Paradiso

Sala Giudizio

This is the most private space of the restaurant; a unique area perfect for couples or groups of 2 to 4 people, where it is possible to enjoy à la carte dishes in a suggestive setting embellished with scenes from the Last Judgment.

La Taverna degli Artisti

A space that retains all the charm of the 15th-century architecture, thanks to the original walls dating back to those times. The two large dining rooms are also suitable for private celebrations.

La Corte

During the summer, a large private backyard is opened to offer our guests the pleasure of dining outdoors. This space is also suitable for receptions.